Adsorption of of hydrophobin and hydrophobin / surfactant mixtures at the oil/water interface


Hydrophobins are secreted fungal proteins and are small lipopeptide biosurfactants. They are strongly surface active and self-assemble at interface, and these unique film forming properties have stimulated applications where emulsion and foam stability is important. Due to their favourable properties they are now part of a strong environmental drive for the development of more biocompatible / biosustainable surfactant based products. We have recently made some progress on understanding their self-assembly in solution and their adsorption behavior at the air-water and liquid-solid interfaces in conjunction with conventional surfactants. We request here SANS beam time on SANS2D to study the adsorption of Hydrophobin 2 and Hydrophobin 2/ surfactant mixtures at the oil-water interface.

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Creator Professor Jeff Penfold; Dr Bob Thomas; Dr Ian Tucker; Dr Jordan Petkov; Miss Maria Rodriguez-Rius
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2014
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Discipline Photon- and Neutron Geosciences
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