The action of membrane lytic compounds on model membranes.


The study of antifungal and antibacterial action is of great interest and there are still many unknowns concerning the action of membrane lytic materials, and the way that drugs, and other benefit agents cross the cell membrane barrier. Fungal infections have been on the increase in the last 10 years and are becoming increasingly resistant to conventional therapies. Under this EU funded Marie Curie project we hope to boost understanding of the mode of action of membrane lytic materials at the molecular level using a simple proxy of fungal versus mammalian cell membranes.

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Creator Dr Ian Tucker; Professor Jeffery Penfold; Professor Jayne Lawrence; Dr Radka Petkova; Dr Richard Heenan; Dr Andrew Burley; Ms Shiqi Wang; Dr Rongjun Chen; Dr Dave Barlow; Miss Marie Shackleford
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2018
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Discipline Biology; Biomaterials; Engineering Sciences; Life Sciences; Materials Science; Materials Science and Engineering
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