Analysing intermediates of a CO2 insertion reaction using simultaneous operando INS and Raman measurements.


Atmospheric levels of CO2 are increasing at uncontrolled levels and as such methods of CO2 utilisation are being researched. A key reaction for this purpose is the coupling of CO2 with epoxides to form cyclic carbonates. The authors have shown that silica supported imidazolium halides are highly active catalysts for this reaction. The literature shows that hydrogen bonding to the epoxide helps initiate the reaction and we believe that the silanols on the silica surface are responsible for the high activity. The proposed experiment is to perform simultaneous operando INS and Raman spectroscopy on the CO2 insertion reaction. We aim to observe the chemical intermediates bound to the surface using INS for hydrogenous vibrations and Raman for CO2 and carbonate stretches. This is an extremely challenging experiment and nothing of this complexity has been attempted before on an INS beamline.

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Creator Professor Robert Raja; Mr Jack Parsons; Professor Stewart Parker
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2022
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