Investigating liposome sensitivity towards phospholipases for applications in diagnostics and drug delivery


Liposomes are lipid-based, water-filled vesicles with wide-ranging applications in diagnostics and drug delivery. Phospholipases (PLs) are enzymes that cleave specific bonds in phospholipids. Reactions of PLs with liposomes are of huge interest on both an application led and basic research level. PLC and D are known markers for many diseases, but little is known about their effect on liposomes. We propose a series of kinetic experiments measuring five liposome formulations of interest as they are incubated with four PLs. The invaluable data provided on the effect of PLs on membrane bilayer thickness and permeability/fluidity, liposome stability and size distribution, answer an interesting basic research question and are vital to develop much-needed diagnostic and screening assays/drug delivery vectors for e.g. tuberculosis, cancers, Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis and depression.

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Creator Dr Cecile Dreiss; Professor Molly Stevens; Dr Michael Thomas; Dr Richard Heenan; Dr Maggie Holme; Dr Alex Brogan
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2018
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