Compatibilisation of polymer blends using electrospinning


This proposal seachs time to establish the conditions under which electrospinning can be used to provide (non-equilibrium) mixtures of immiscible polymers. Such an outcome might have significant applicability in the designe of polymeric materials with tailored properties. The aim is to use the SANS technique coupled with deuterium labelled mixtures of PS and PMMA and copolymers of polystyrene with PMMA to evaluate the structure, chain trajectories and the level of anisotropy in fibres prepared from polymer mixtures. Neutron scattering techniques are vital for these experiments in order to exploit the isotope labelling to reveal the extent of phase separation and the scale of that separation. The 2-d nature of the LOQ detector will allow us to quantify the extent of preferred orientation in the nanofibres.

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Creator Professor Geoffrey Mitchell; Dr Fred Davis; Dr Artur Mateus; Dr Edd Bilbe; Dr Saeed Mohan; Dr Marco Domingos
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2014
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