School- en beroepsloopbaan-onderzoek KMBO-BBO 1981-1983

The study tried to evaluate the performance of experimental educational projects, supposed to fill the gap between lower vocational training ( LBO ) and lower secondary education ( MAVO ) on the one side and middle vocational training ( MBO ) or skilled employment on the other side. These projects are referred to as KMBO, Kort Middelbaar Beroeps Onderwijs ( short intermediate vocational training/ a 2-year full-time curriculum for the age- group of 16-18 ) and BBO, Beroeps Begeleidend Onderwijs ( job coaching education/ a part-time vocational training for youth already employed ) for comparison. Main criteria for evaluation were: 1. selection of pupils: do the projects attract and select the people they were set up for? 2. the fit between the education or training offered and labour market demands. A four point panel survey design was used in order to monitor school career and job career of 961 pupils, split in 2 year-groups ( cohorts ). Measurements took place in september 1981 ( N=961 ), may/june 1982 ( N=63, drop-outs only ), september/october 1982 ( N=742 ) and september-november 1983 ( N=709 ). The archived file combines all these measurements. Topics: motivation for choosing this education / contacts with teachers and fellow pupils / attractiveness of, usefulness of and proficiency in various school-subjects / satisfaction with school results / school marks / training / work experience / job career / applications for job / registration for employment / job motivation / detailed data on current job if employed / expectations regarding unemployment, change of work / evaluation of current job, career possibilities, usefulness of current or past training or education at work / detailed data on training / important factors in choosing a job / opinions on unemployment, being unemployed / school-perception / drop out / reasons for dropping out / future plans regarding education or work / current pay / expected income in 2 years / grades, diploma's, certificates. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics/ characteristics of parental family/household/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education

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