The effect of metal nanoparticles on the electronic structure of bound free radicals


In recent years, the noble metals nanoparticles (MNPs) have been the subject of intense interest in areas of materials science, biotechnology, medicine and organic chemistry for owing to their unique properties that make them candidates for use in a variety of applications such as molecular markers and their use in diagnostic imaging and catalysis, such nonlinear optics, micro-arrays, bio-compatible coatings and synthesis of polymer brushes. One way to produce polymer brushes is via free radical polymerization on nanoparticles. Having a microscopic knowledge of the effect of variety of nanoparticles and their size on electronic structure of free radicals bound to them can help future applications in related to polymer/ nanoparticle composites and polymer brushes. The aim of this proposal is to start studies of free radicals bound on nanoparticle metal surfaces, using RF-mSR and ALC-mSR.

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Creator Dr Iain McKenzie; Dr Khashayar Ghandi
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Publication Year 2013
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