Adsorption kinetics from polymer/surfactant systems; PSS/CnTAB


Polymer-surfactant mixtures are widely used in commercial formulations in personal care, pharmaceutical and agrochemical, cleaning, automotive and food industries. The interactions between the polymer and surfactant lead to complex interfacial behaviour, studied over many years by neutron reflectivity by Thomas and coworkers. The dynamic interfacial behaviour, which is relevant to many practical applications, is equally fascinating. Previous work on the poly(dmdaac)/SDS system demonstrated that the rich dynamic behaviour was not predictable from the equilibrium properties. We propose to study the interactions between the trimethylammonium bromide [CnTAB] surfactants and the polymer poly(styrene sulfonate) [PSS], to study the effect of hydrophobic interactions on adsorption kinetics. We also propose to look at the effect of electrostatics by varying the ionic strength of the system.

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