Structural changes of lecithin wormlike micelles by adding solutes


Lecithin is a natural zwitterionic gemini surfactant that self-assembles in a hydrocarbon solvent, forming spherical or ellipsoidal inverse micelles, which grow into giant micelles upon addition of small amounts of water. Recently, the formation of giant lecithin micelles was observed in the absence of water by the addition of bile salt. In the semi-dilute regime, the giant micelles are highly entangled, resulting in a characteristic viscoelastic behaviour. The rheology is highly affected by the addition of small amounts of solutes, which is due to micellar structural changes.The aim of this project is to understand the effect of a range of hydrophilic solutes on the structure of giant micelles of lecithin in cyclohexane. Using SANS, we will correlate the structure of the micelles in the presence and absence of solutes to the complex rheological behaviour.

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