Raw pollen data from the Eemian core CON01-603-2


The studied core CON01-603-2 was recovered from the Continent site, Northern Basin from a water depth of 386 m (Fig. 1) (see Charlet et al., 2005-this volume). The analysed sequence (725.5–608 cm) consists of mainly of biogenic, diatomaceous sediments, although the upper part of the sequence between ca. 611–608 cm contains more silt particles and less diatoms than the lower part of the sequence. From a depth of 690 cm upwards the sediments are finely and coarsely laminated.Based on a standard technique for processing palynological samples, silicates were removed from the sediment by treatment with 40% HF for 3 days and with 50% HF for 1 day. Following Erdtmans acetolysis (Faegri and Iversen, 1989) sediment samples were sieved through 7-µm meshes in an ultrasonic water bath (Cwynar et al., 1979).

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/GFZ.SDDB.1088
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Publication Year 2007
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