Power-law for cumulative flare frequency distributions


The habitability of planets is closely connected with stellar activity, mainly the frequency of flares and the distribution of flare energy. Kepler and TESS find many flaring stars via precise time-domain photometric data, and the frequency and energy distribution of stellar flares on different types of stars are studied statistically. However, the completeness and observational bias of detected flare events from different missions (e.g., Kepler and TESS) vary a lot. We use a unified data processing and detection method for flare events based on the light curves from Kepler and TESS. Then we perform injection and recovery tests in the original light curve of each star for each flare event to correct the completeness and energy of flares. Three samples of flaring stars are selected from Kepler and TESS, with rotation periods from 1 to ~5days. Adopting a hot-blackbody assumption, our results show that the cumulative flare frequency distributions (FFDs) of the same stars in Kepler and TESS bands tend to be consistent after correction, revealing a more natural flaring frequency and energy distribution. Our results also extend the low-energy limit in cumulative FFD fitting to 1031.5-33erg on different types of stars. For solar-type stars, the average power-law index of cumulative FFD ({alpha}cum) is -0.84, which indicates that low-energy flares contribute less to the total flare energy. With a piecewise correlation between {alpha}cum and Teff, {alpha}cum first rises from M2 to K1 stars, then slightly decreases for stars hotter than K1.

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