Pollen analysis of sediment profile KOE0 from Königseggsee

A core from the deepest part of lake Königsegg. near Ostrach (Oberschwaben), has been studied palynologically and lithologically. The core is only 4.6 m long; lacustrine sedimentation began in the Oldest Dryas. The Alleroedian pumice tuff from Laacher See (Eifel) is present. The origin of the lake as a dead ice lake and its limnogeological development are briefly discussed.

Supplement to: Homann, Marion; Merkt, Josef; Müller, Helmut (1990): Über Alter und Entwicklung des Königseggsees bei Hoßkirch (Oberschwaben). Jahreshefte des Geologischen Landesamts Baden-Württemberg, Freiburg, 32, 247-254

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