Experimental conditions for respiration and growth studies of F0 and F1 larval and juvenile European seabass Dicentrarchus labrax


Water parameters in the 2 years before spawning of F0 (08.02.2016-06.03.2018) and during larval and juvenile phase of F1: Larval period until 17.05.2018 (48 dph, 900 dd) and 01.06.2018 (63 dph, ~900 dd) for warm and cold life condition respectively, for the juveniles until 28.09.2018 (180 dph, ~4000 dd) and 12.02.2019 (319 dph, ~5100 dd) for warm and cold conditioned fish respectively. Means ± s.e. over all replicate tanks per condition. Temperature (Temp.), pH (free scale), salinity, oxygen and total alkalinity (TA) were measured weekly in F1 and monthly in F0; sea water (SW) measurements were conducted in 2017 and 2018. Water parameters during larval and early juvenile phase of F0: Larval period until (45 dph, 900 dd, 06.12.2013), early juveniles until 1.5 years. Means ± s.e.m. over all measurements per condition (triplicate tanks in larvae, single tanks in juveniles). Temperature (Temp.) and pH (NBS scale) were measured daily. pH (total scale), salinity, phosphate, silicate and total alkalinity (TA) were measured once at the beginning and once at the end of the larval phase and 9 times during juvenile phase; PCO2 was calculated with CO2sys; A–Ambient PCO2, D1000 –ambient + 1000 µatm CO2, L – Larvae, J – Juveniles.

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