Pollen profile from sediment core KB1, Holzminden, Northern Germany


The Nachtigall clay pit near Holzminden, northern Germany, is located in a subrosional basin filled with 43 m of interglacial, interstadial and stadial deposits adjacent to the Weser River. The succession separates the Older Middle Terrace from the Younger Middle Terrace of the Weser River. Nachtigall core KB1 (1998) mainly contains silt and clay with intercalated peat layers. The layers of fen peat and intercalated humic silt are between 36 and 22.5 m depth. According to palynological studies, the peat layers and some humic silts were deposited during interglacial and interstadial periods marked by forest vegetation, termed Nachtigall 1 and Nachtigall 2. They are subdivided by a stadial, termed Albaxen. The peat of Nachtigall 1 is interrupted twice by silt and clay strata (Allochthonous Unit I, II) which are reworked sediments of older glacial periods, possibly of late Elsterian or early Holsteinian age. The palynological sequences of Nachtigall and Göttingen/Ottostrasse show the same pattern. Moreover, the contemporaneous pollen profiles of Nachtigall and Göttingen/Ottostrasse can be compared with the Velay pollen sequence (France). The Nachtigall core section 36-26.02 m corresponds to Bouchet 2 - Bonnefond - Bouchet 3 in Velay. The profiles of Velay and Nachtigall are independently correlated to the MIS-timescale and correspond to MIS 7c, 7b, and 7a. TIMS 230Th/U-dating shows ages ranging from 227 + 9/-8 to 201 + 15/-13 ka, which are in good agreement with the inferred MIS 7 age.

analysis: Helmut Müller. Article and data available online 15 October 2010.

Supplement to: Kleinmann, Angelika; Müller, Helmut; Lepper, Jochen; Waas, Deniz (2011): Nachtigall: A continental sediment and pollen sequence of the Saalian Complex in NW-Germany and its relationship to the MIS-framework. Quaternary International, 241(1-2), 97-110

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Spatial Coverage (9.401 LON, 51.810 LAT); Tongrube Nachtigall, Holzminden, Northern Germany