Structure of responsive PNIPAM-PAAc microgels


We propose to investigate a temperature and pH responsive microgel composed of Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPN) of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM) and poly(acrylic) acid (PAAc). The dynamical and structural behaviour of both PNIPAM and IPN microgels as a function of temperature, concentration, pH and acrylic acid content has been widely investigated by our group by combining DLS, SANS, SAXS, XPCS, Raman spectroscopy, TEM and electrophoretic measurements.In this experiment we want to perform SANS measurements with a contrast-matched deuterated PNIPAM to follow changes in the PAAc conformational distribution within the PNIPAM network. At the same time, we will explore how these structural changes affect the gel dynamics by performing simultaneous DLS measurements using apparatus newly-developed as part of a joint CNR-ISIS project.

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Creator Dr Elena Buratti; Dr Roberta Angelini; Dr Valentina Nigro; Dr Barbara Ruzicka; Dr Steve King; Miss Silvia Franco
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2023
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