This repository contains measurement data that are presented in the paper "Modified Dynamic Time Warping with a Reference Path for Alignment of Repeated Drive-Tests"

Submitted to: VTC-Fall 2020

Measurement samples with speed < 10 km/h were excluded in order to avoid small-scale fading.

Three methods are compared here: 1. Alignment by using relative time 2. Alignment by distance calculated from GPS measurements 3. Alignment with modified dynamic time warping with a reference path (RP-DTW)

Note: Apart from geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude), the tables contain also cartesian coordinates (x, y) that were obtained by Lambert conformal conic projection (2 standard parallel model)

(c) 2020 Vaclav Raida, Philipp Svoboda, Markus Rupp, TU Wien email: vaclav.raida@tuwien.ac.at

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