Investigation of SANS in the region of superfluid transition


We propose SANS measurements of 4He in a region of supefluid transition (2.2 K). The main aim of the experiment is to see whether at small-angle scattering there is an irregularity analogously to jump in the maximum height of the principal structure factor that was observed in X-ray [1] and neutron [2] experiments. The theoretcal prediction for an existence of irregularity at lambda-point is based on the fact that above the lambda-point there are only phonons but below lambda-point the main excitations are rotons.The proposed experiment will employ an ILL "orahge" cryostat with sapphire windows. Aluminium sample cell will be attached to standard Heliux insert which provide high level temperature control (10 mK).1. Robkoff H.N. et al. Phys.Rev.Lett. v.43, p.2006 (1979).2. Svensson E.C. and Sears V.F. Physica v.137B, p.126 (1986).

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Creator Dr Oleg Petrenko; Dr Oleg Kirichek; Professor Yuri Tsipenyuk
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