(Table 3, page 264), Composition of a manganese micronodule found in a fossil red clay bed from Western Timor


Chemical analyses are presented for two Cretaceous clays from Noil Tobee, Timor. Mineralogical examination has shown that they consist principally of quartz, feldspar, illite and chlorite, together with minor amounts of montmorillonite. Both chemically and mineralogically the clays are very similar to the recent argillaceous deep-sea sediments of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, which confirms Molengraaff's theory (1921) that they are of deep-sea origin. Further confirmation of this theory is provided by comparison of the composition of micromanganese nodules, separated from one of these clays, with that of manganese nodules from the Pacific Ocean.

The samples were finely ground and the composition is relative to residual weight after drying at 110°C.From 1983 until 1989 NOAA-NCEI compiled the NOAA-MMS Marine Minerals Geochemical Database from journal articles, technical reports and unpublished sources from other institutions. At the time it was the most extended data compilation on ferromanganese deposits world wide. Initially published in a proprietary format incompatible with present day standards it was jointly decided by AWI and NOAA to transcribe this legacy data into PANGAEA. This transfer is augmented by a careful checking of the original sources when available and the encoding of ancillary information (sample description, method of analysis...) not present in the NOAA-MMS database.

Supplement to: El Wakeel, S K; Riley, J P (1961): Chemical and mineralogical studies of fossil red clays from Timor. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 24(3-4), 260-265

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