Young Life and Times Survey, 2004


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.The Young Life and Times Survey (YLT) originally began as a companion survey to the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey (NILT) series. It surveyed young people aged 12-17 living in the households of adults interviewed for NILT, and YLT ran alongside it from 1998-2000. Following an evaluation in 2001, the YLT series recommenced in 2003 (see SN 4826) using a completely different methodology and independent of the adult NILT. This new YLT survey uses Child Benefit records as a sampling frame.The aims of the YLT series are to: monitor public attitudes towards social policy and political issues in Northern Ireland; provide a time series on attitudes to key social policy areas; facilitate academic social policy analysis; provide a freely available resource on public attitudes for the wider community of users in Northern Ireland; give a voice to young people. An open access time-series teaching dataset has been created from the 2003-2012 YLTs - see SN 7548.The Kids’ Life and Times (KLT) survey of P7 children (10-11 year olds) is also part of the same suite of surveys as YLT and NILT.Further information about the YLT, including publications, may be found on the Access Research Knowledge (ARK) YLT webpages.

All too often the opinions of young people are ignored when decisions are made about many of the issues involving them. Thus, the aim of the Young Life and Times Survey is to record the views of 16-year olds in Northern Ireland, with a focus on community relations issues such as politics, sectarianism and education. By inviting respondents to suggest topics for the following year's survey, we make sure that the topics covered are relevant to the lives of 16-year olds in Northern Ireland today.

Main Topics:

The dataset contains the responses of 824 respondents. Questions can be categorised into the following topics: Community relations Identity Cross community contact Social capital Politics Mental health Education Background details on the respondents

No sampling (total universe)

Telephone interview

Postal survey

Online self-completion

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Creator Devine, P., Queen's University of Belfast, Centre for Social Research; Schubotz, D., Queen's University of Belfast, Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research
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Publication Year 2005
Funding Reference EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland 2000-2004, Measure 2 1 - Reconciliation for Sustainable Peace
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