Extragalactic Radio Source Identifications

The catalog is a compilation of all published optical identifications of extragalactic radio sources. This machine-readable version is an updated and greatly expanded edition of the original published one; this version contains 14585 identifications and citations to 917 papers. The data file contains most commonly used source name, number in the 4C catalog Gower et al. (1967), and Pilkington and Scott (1965) if applicable, right ascension and declination (equinox B1950.0), magnitude estimate for the identification type of optical object, identification reference, alternate name for identified object (if known), confirmation or invalidation code and associated reference, finding chart existence (or nonexistence), redshift, and reference for the spectrum. A reference file contains the references ordered by number cited in the catalog and alphabetically by author. Completeness has been attempted for all papers published through the end of 1982. The present version contains fewer references than the 1974 version (which had 935) because certain numbers were unused in the previous edition and because certain references are no longer used in the 1983 version and were removed. The authors have prepared this final version and have discontinued future updates.

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