Geochemical analyses from the Boninite suite lavas and the Izu-Bonin forearc from IODP Hole 352-U1439A and 352-U1442A


Whole rock geochemical analyses of nonfinite suite lavas sampled during IODP Expedition 352 at two sites: U1439C and U1442A. These sites lie in the Izu-Bonin forearc, NE of Chichijima (Bonin Island). The major elements and select trace elements analyzed the X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, other trace elements including the Rare Earth Elements (REE) analyzed by ICP-MS. CO2 was analyzed with a Costech Elemental Analyzer and used to correct major elements for secondary calcite content.

† = XRF analyses normalized to 100%, BEFORE the calcite correctionCaO = calculated CaO in silicate minerals after subtraction of CaO in Calcite (CaCO3)FeO = total iron as FeOFe2O3* = Total Iron as Fe2O3; XRF analyses normalized to 100%Mg# = Molar Mg/(Mg+Fe), with Fe3+/Total Fe = 0.15

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Creator Shervais, John W ; Reagan, Mark ; Godard, Marguerite ; Prytulak, Julie ; Ryan, Jeffrey G ; Pearce, Julian; Almeev, Renat ; Li, Hongyan (ORCID: 0000-0003-2988-368X); Haugen, Emily ; Chapman, Timothy ; Kurz, Walter; Nelson, Wendy R ; Heaton, Daniel; Kirchenbaur, Maria; Shimizu, Kenji ; Sakuyama, Tetsuya; Vetter, Scott K; Li, Yibing; Whattam, Scott Andrew
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2020
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Spatial Coverage (142.609W, 28.407S, 142.622E, 28.410N); Izu-Bonin-Mariana fore arc