National Polling of Adults and Young People, 2013


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In 2013, UK-registered charity Future First embarked on an Open Society Foundations and Global Citizen Foundation-sponsored research project designed to investigate: (1) the current state of careers services in schools around the world; and (2) the potential to use local social capital (former students of state schools) to support young people’s transitions from school to work. All research took place between 1st April and 1st November 2013 and national polling of adults and young people was supplemented by in-country research in the six countries selected: Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, Finland, Jordan and Kazakhstan. This included interviews with Ministry of Education Officials, Head Teachers and other education experts, and focus groups with young people. The findings were collated with existing polling data from the UK, Kenya and the USA and presented in a report entitled, Every School a Community: the Role of Alumni in Supporting the Transition from School to Work (see Documentation section below for details). The report intends to inform education policy and advocate for integrating systematic alumni engagement into school systems for the benefit of young people. The data available from the UK Data Archive include the questionnaire survey data conducted with adults and young adults in Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, Finland, Jordan and Kazakhstan. Further information is available from the Future First website.

Main Topics:

Over 6,000 adults across the six countries were surveyed to measure: how they identified with their former schoolstheir propensity to give back to their former schoolsto explore where their own career support had come fromApproximately 3,000 young people were surveyed about:the groups they identify withwhat and who had influenced themtheir opinions of how useful the support that alumni could offer could be

Random location design. See documentation for details.

Face-to-face interview

Telephone interview

Online (web-based) survey

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