BR photometry in Coma, A2199 & AWM5 clusters


We present the results of a study on galaxy interactions, tides, and other processes that produce luminous fine-scale substructures in the galaxy clusters: Coma, Perseus, Abell 2199, AWM 3, and AWM 5. All unusual structures in these clusters can be categorized into seven morphologies: interacting galaxies, multiple galaxies (noninteracting), distorted galaxies, tailed galaxies, line galaxies, dwarf galaxy groups, and galaxy aggregates. The various morphologies are described, and a catalog is presented, of 248 objects in these five clusters along with color, and positional information obtained from CCD images taken with the WIYN 3.5 m telescope in broadband B and R filters.

Cone search capability for table J/AJ/117/75/table3 (Structures found in Perseus cluster (Abell 0426))

Cone search capability for table J/AJ/117/75/table4 (Structures found in Abell 2199)

Cone search capability for table J/AJ/117/75/table5 (Structures found in AWM 5)

Cone search capability for table J/AJ/117/75/table6 (Structures found in Perseus cluster AWM 3)

Cone search capability for table J/AJ/117/75/table2 (Structures found in the Coma cluster)

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