The FIRST Survey Catalog, Version 12Feb16

The Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty centimeters (FIRST) began in 1993. It uses the VLA (Very Large Array, a facility of the National Radio Observatory (NRAO)) at a frequency of 1.4GHz, and it is slated to 10,000 deg^2^ of the North and South Galactic Caps, to a sensitivity of about 1mJy with an angular resolution of about 5''. The images produced by an automated mapping pipeline have pixels of 1.8'', a typical rms of 0.15mJy, and a resolution of 5''; the images are available on the Internet (see the FIRST home page at for details). The source catalogue is derived from the images. This catalog from the 1993 through 2011 observations contains 946,464 sources from the north and south Galactic caps. It covers a total of 10,635 square degrees of the sky (8444 square degrees in the north and 2191 square degrees in the south.) The catalog format differs from the previous version: The contents of the sidelobe flag column has changed to a sidelobe probability estimate, and columns have been added with information on optical and infrared counterparts from the SDSS and 2MASS catalogs. There is no GSC2 information in this version.

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