h277-g14 Simulation Outputs (snapshots 156-252 of 512)


This dataset is the second of five sets of simulation snapshots from a high-resolution cosmological zoom-in simulation of a Milky-Way like galaxy. The simulations were performed with the N-Body/SPH code GASOLINE. Each tarball contains the simulation snapshot for a given time, halo finder outputs, as well as auxiliary files storing additional per-particle data.

Publications using this data can be found here: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/public-libraries/SAH2SMjMQc6eidYW0EFeOQ

The file format for the snapshots is described here: https://github.com/N-BodyShop/changa/wiki/File-Formats

The halo finder outputs are generated by the Amiga Halo Finder, and the documentation for this can be found here: http://popia.ft.uam.es/AHF/Documentation.html

DOI https://doi.org/10.23728/b2share.2b980fe80f7b459c8d67b2eb53170e37
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Creator Brooks, Alyson
Contributor Ben Keller
Publication Year 2020
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