This database table comprises the 4th BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog, hereafter referred to as 4B. It specifies the locations and times for 1637 triggered gamma-ray bursts observed from 19 April, 1991 until 29 August, 1996. It therefore includes the data from the 3B catalog. The only revisions from the 3B catalog are improved locations for the trigger #s 741, 2311, and 3155. Bursts since the end of the 1B catalog (March 1992) occurred when the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory (CGRO) tape recorders were experiencing numerous errors. Consequently, there are gaps in the data of many bursts that preclude valid measurement of peak flux, peak rate, fluence, or duration. Peak rates on the 1 second timescale from each detector are almost always available. These data (called MAXBC rates) can be used to determine burst location. Previous difficulties with this data type have been largely removed, and we now believe that the systematic errors for MAXBC-located bursts are the same as for bursts located with other data types. It is still true however, that the MAXBC-located bursts usually have larger statistical errors than would be the case if another data type were available. The parameter called comments_position in this database contains comments on MAXBC-located bursts. A number of CGRO and BATSE flight software changes have significantly reduced the problem of data gaps since March of 1993.

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