Abundance, biomass and respiration data of fishes (Stomiiformes) from the BATHYPELAGIC cruise (June 2018) in Northeast Atlantic Ocean


The values of carbon remineralisation were measured in juveniles/adults of 5 non-migratory bristlemouth fishes (Cyclothone spp.) and partial migrator (Argyropelecus hemigymnus) sampled during the BATHYPELAGIC cruise (North Atlantic, June 2018). This dataset contains the values of numerical abundance, biomass, specific ETS activity, specific respiraton and respiration flux data analyzed from Northwest Africa (20° N, 20° W) to the South of Iceland. A. hemigymnus specimens were collected using a ''Mesopelagos” net (5 x7 m mouth opening, 58 m total length) equipped with graded-mesh netting (starting with 30 mm and ending with 4 mm) and a multi-sampler for collecting samples from 5 different depth layers (Olivar et al., 2017). However, Cyclothone specimens were collected using the Multiple Opening/Closing Net and Environmental Sensing System (MOCNESS-1 m²) zooplankton net (Wiebe et al., 1985) with a 0.2 mm mesh size and with several nets for collecting samples from 8 different depth layers. The Mesopelagos catches were sorted out and identified on board to the lowest possible taxon, and specimens selected for Electron Transfer System (ETS) analyses were immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen for later analysis in the laboratory. MOCNESS samples were preserved in 5% buffered formalin, and specimens were sorted out later in the laboratory. Stomiiforms respiration in the meso- and bathypelagic zones of the ocean were estimated along the transect. Abundance, biomass, specific ETS activity, specific respiration and respiration are given by layer.

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Spatial Coverage (-22.836W, 20.693S, -19.733E, 55.385N); North Atlantic
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