2D pictures of WK17-10


Dataset contains all pictures (.jpg; .arw) that were taken during the 2D digitisation strategy for this object. Order of data: object was digitised according to a digitisation schema visible within the Datasetcharacteristic view, front view, left view, back view, right view,bottom view, upward view, details (details 1, details 2, ..., details n) This schema is indicated within the pictures by inventory label and then labels according to view. Further information one can find in the document: Setting and workflow for basic development of 2D.This dataset is part of the digital gyroscope collection. For more information about the collection and its creation, please see the documentation dataset: Niklaus, Maria, 2021, "Information about the Gyrolog data repository", doi: 10.18419/darus-821, DaRUS.To refer to the whole collection: Wagner, Jörg F.; Ceranski, Beate; Fritsch, Dieter; Mammadov, Gasim; Niklaus, Maria; Schweizer, Timo; Simon, Sven; Zhan, Kun, 2021, "Digital Gyroscope Collection Created by the Project 'Gyrolog'", doi: 10.18419/darus-gyrolog, DaRUS.

DOI https://doi.org/10.18419/darus-913
Related Identifier https://doi.org/10.3390/s21030957
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Creator Ceranski, Beate (University of Stuttgart); Fritsch, Dieter (University of Stuttgart); Mammadov, Gasim (University of Stuttgart); Niklaus, Maria (University of Stuttgart); Schweizer, Timo (University of Stuttgart); Simon, Sven (University of Stuttgart); Wagner, Jörg F. (University of Stuttgart); Zhan, Kun (University of Stuttgart)
Publisher DaRUS
Contributor Wagner, Jörg F.
Publication Year 2021
Funding Reference BMBF, 01UG1774X
Rights CC BY-SA 4.0; info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess; http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0
OpenAccess true
Contact Wagner, Jörg F. (Universität Stuttgart, PAS)
Resource Type Dataset
Format image/ARW; image/jpeg
Size 85525504; 6914048; 85476352; 7241728; 85484544; 7667712; 85517312; 8060928; 85562368; 8552448; 85464064; 6356992; 85439488; 5832704; 85435392; 5636096; 5734400; 85451776; 5931008; 5898240; 85443584; 6193152; 85513216; 7208960; 6029312; 85455872; 6324224; 85447680; 6127616; 85468160; 6062080; 6258688; 85459968; 85492736; 6422528; 6225920; 6389760; 5701632; 85488640; 6979584; 85472256; 6848512; 85480448; 6881280; 6946816; 6717440; 6553600
Version 1.0
Discipline Construction Engineering and Architecture; Engineering; Engineering Sciences; Humanities