Bulk geochemistry and biomarker concentrations and isotopic compositions of lignites spanning the PETM from Stenkul Fiord (Ellesmere Island), Paleocene


This dataset contains bulk geochemical information (TOC, S, Tmax, Hydrogen and Oxygen Indices), relative and absolute abundances of selected plant wax and bacterial hopanoid biomarkers as well as stable carbon and hydrogen isotope signatures of selected compounds. Samples were analysed with a Leco C/S analyser, a Rock-Eval 6 pyrolysis unit, a gas chromatograph-triple quad mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph isotope ratio mass spectrometer (for d13C and d2H). The samples originate from two onshore outcrops at the Stenkul Fiord (Ellesmere Island) and are mostly coal samples of the lignite thermal maturity stage. The age of the samples are Paleogene and cover the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM; Margaret Formation), and they were taken in 2017 (BGR CASE 19 expedition). The data were generated to reconstruct the terrestrial paleovenvironment in this high-latitude setting. More information on the studied sections can be found elswhere (Reinhardt et al., 2022).

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