Table S6. Past Himalayan erosion from Bengal Fan: Sr-Nd and 10Be data from river sediment used for the fG and K(t) computation


Bulk silicate Sr-Nd data, extracted from bank and bedload, are from Galy and France-Lanord (2001) (URI:;2), Singh and France-Lanord (2002) (URI:, Singh et al. (2008) (URI: 10Be data are averaged from Lupker et al. (2012, 2017) (URI: (URI: The production rates were computed using Basinga (Charreau et al., 2019) (URI: with the Lal-Stone / ERA40 atmosphere configuration using a sea-level high latitude production rate of 4.18 atom/g/y (Martin et al., 2017) (URI:, factors for different particle production rates of 0.9886 for spallation, 0.0027 for slow muons, 0.0087 for fast muons and attenuation lengths of 260 g/cm2 for slow muons and 510 g/cm2 for fast muons (Braucher et al., 2011) (URI:, and the basins defined in the Methods of the article associated to the dataset.

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