Nutrient data collected during the ABRACOS 1 and 2 surveys performed along the northeast Brazilian continental shelf, slope and open ocean


Samples were collected during the “Acoustics along the BRAzilian COaSt (ABRACOS)” oceanographic campaigns, carried out in Austral spring (30 August - 20 September of 2015 - ABRAÇOS1; Bertrand, 2015) and fall (9 April - 9 May of 2017 - ABRAÇOS 2; Bertrand, 2017) on board the French R/V ANTEA. Spring 2015 and fall 2017 are representative of canonical spring and fall conditions in terms of thermohaline structure and currents dynamics (Assunção et al., 2020; Dossa et al., 2021).  Nutrients (nitrite NO2, nitrate NO3, phosphate PO4 and silicate Si(OH)4) have been determined on seawater samples collected using Niskin bottles at different depths during the cruise. Up to 12 samples were collected at each station, depending on the station depth. Samples were collected and "pasteurised" (ie heated at 80C for 2h30 in an oven) to ensure their stability until the analysis was performed at the laboratory. The nutrients analysis has been achieved using the classical colorimetric method (Technicon analyzer).

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Creator Farias, Gabriel Bittencourt; Melo, Pedro Augusto Mendes De Castro; Bertrand, Arnaud; Carré, Claire; Molinero, Juan-carlos; Baurand, François; Grelet, Jacques; Hillion, Sandrine; Roubaud, Fabrice
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Publication Year 2015
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