(Table 16) Chemical composition of magmatic and metamorphic rocks of the Arabian-Indian Ridge


Samples from collections of R.Ya. Belevtsev, I.B. Shcherbakov, I.N. Govorov, V.V. Slipchenko, A.A. Tsvetkov, G.N. Savel'eva have been analyzed in laboratiries of the Institute of Geochemistry and Mineral Physics (Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences) by L.V. Godunova, G.A. Skripnik, O.P. Krasyuk, B.V. Mirskaya, Zh.E. Khmel'nitskaya and in the Far East Geological Institute (Far East Scientific Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences) by T.G. Vatutina and L.V. Shkodnyuk.

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Spatial Coverage (57.650W, -17.033S, 67.167E, 17.133N); Arabian-Indian Ridge; Karlsberg Ridge; Maria Celeste Fault Zone; Argo Fault Zone; Owen Fault Zone