LEDA galaxies with DENIS measurements catalog

We present a catalog of near-infrared properties of LEDA galaxies, using the full resolution images from the DENIS survey. The fluxes are integrated in eight homothetic ellipses defined by their proper axis ratio, position angle and major axis (up to twice the blue diameter at the isophote 25mag/arcsec^2^) extracted from the LEDA database. From the curves of growth in I, J and K_ms_ photometric bands, we estimated different apparent magnitudes and diameters ("total", "Kron" and "isophotal"). Isophotal parameters refer to the limiting surface brightnesses : 22.5(Imag)/arcsec^2^, 21.0(Jmag)/arcsec^2^ and 20.0(K_ms_mag)/arcsec^2^ for the three photometric bands, respectively. The result is a catalog of 753 153 objects (among which there are 508 224 galaxies, 34 449 probable galaxies and 210 480 galaxies to be confirmed). The catalog gives about (the figures vary, depending on the considered magnitude or diameter) : 668 000 I-band magnitudes, 576 000 J-band magnitudes, 357 000 K_ms_-band magnitudes and 452 000 I-band diameters, 299 000 J-band diameters, 114 000 K_ms_-band diameters. The typical standard deviations for I, J and K_ms_ magnitudes are 0.14, 0.15 and 0.25, respectively, for magnitudes limited at I=16, J=15 and K_ms_=14. The contamination by superimposed objects probably remains the major source of problems and could require future improvement. The completeness limits in magnitude are about : 15.5, 14.5 and 13 in I, J and K_ms_, respectively.

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