Forest stand charasteristics of the Spanish Central System Mountain Range


This dataser depicts measurements of soil organic carbon, biomass carbon and forest characteristics (forest age, tree species diversity and tree-size heterogeneity as GINI index). Data was collected in 30 circular sampling plots (900 m2 each) in the study area: the slopes of the central region of the Central System Mountain Range (Spain). All data was collected in the 2017 - 2019 period. Each row contains information concerning 1 sampling plot. We adressed the following information: Forest maximum age (AGE3) concieved as the mean age of the 3 oldest trees in a sampling plot. Age was assessed counting tree rings on dendrochonological samples extracted with increment borer. Both Shannon (SHAN) index and Gini (GINI) index were callculated using tree size values (diamter at breast height) within sampling plots.

Project:Investigación sobre la puesta en valor de diferentes elementos geológicos, de flora y fauna de especial importancia para el conocimiento y mantenimiento de la biodiversidad autóctona, Web:, Award: BDNS: 506885

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Creator Hernández-Alonso, Héctor; Silla, Fernando; Rojo-Alonso, Pilar; Tornos-Estupiña, Lorién; Santiago-Rodríguez, Santiago
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (-6.157W, 40.298S, -5.542E, 40.581N); Spain