Atmospheric parameters of nearby F-K stars

Based on a collection of high-dispersion spectra obtained at Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, the atmospheric parameters (Teff, logg, vt, and [Fe/H]) of 160 mid-F through early-K stars were extensively determined by the spectroscopic method using the equivalent widths of Fe I and Fe II lines along with the numerical technique of Takeda et al. (2002PASJ...54..451T). The results are comprehensively discussed and compared with the parameter values derived by different approaches (e.g., photometric colors, theoretical evolutionary tracks, Hipparcos parallaxes, etc.) as well as with the published values found in various literature. It has been confirmed that our purely spectroscopic approach yields fairly reliable and consistent results.

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Creator Takeda Y.; Ohkubo M.; Sato B.; Kambe E.; Sadakane K.
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Publication Year 2005
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