The application of INS to investigate the active phase of methane steam reforming catalysts.


A previous allocation of beamtime on MAPS [RB720354] revealed the vibrational fingerprint of methane reforming catalysts operating under so-called ¿dry¿ reforming conditions. This application wishes to extend those studies further to examine the steam reforming regime actually used in large-scale industrial operations. Crucially, we seek to gain information on the nature of the hydrocarbonaceous overlayer formed under steady-state operation. MERLIN will provide data in the 1600-4000 cm-1 region, whilst a linked application for TOSCA seeks to access the 30-2000 cm-1 region. The latter studies are described within a separate application.

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Creator Professor Stewart Parker; Professor David Lennon; Dr Ian Silverwood; Mr Andrew McFarlane
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2012
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Discipline Photon- and Neutron Geosciences
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