Svensk opinion 1979


This is the first survey in a collection of studies on Swedish opinion conducted during the period 1979-1985. While the purpose has been to collect rather detailed information on the public opinion, the questionnaires have been very extensive and the number of variables in each survey amount to 500 or more. A core of questions asked annually makes it possible to study changes in opinion over time. Swedish opinion 1979 included questions on: the importance of a number of changes in one´s own personal conditions and the opinion on the ability of a number of institutions, individuals and political authorities to achieve something that the respondent benefits from; the importance of a number of issues and the opinion on the ability of a number of organizations and political authorities to achieve something in these issues; opinion on the influence a number of organizations and groups have in society; the respondent´s own well being at present; work and working conditions; political party with best ideas to achieve improvements in a number of fields; personal responsibilities. The respondents had to indicate if they agreed or disagreed with a number of statements concerning politics and also to indicate political parties standing for that opinion. Other questions dealt with the politicians and the society; vote in 1976 and voting intention at a hypothetical election the same day; important factors when deciding how to vote; wage-earner´s investment funds; nuclear power; action groups´ possibilities to achieve something; nationalization of private companies; opinion on the way insurance companies, banks and publishing companies manage their affairs; opinion on a number of issues concerning work, income, influence at the work place and other social conditions; influences on the respondent´s political standpoint; sources of information; political standpoint at home, in school and among friends; share holding and reasons for holding shares; union membership; things important for being satisfied with work and work place; bank saving; attitude toward work and work place; membership; shop-hours; reading frequencies for a number of daily papers, weeklies and magazines; political opinion of daily papers read; membership in book clubs. Background variables include information on gender, age, region, marital status, occupation, income and education.

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Creator Sten Hultgren; Gunnar Boalt; Gunnar Ekman; Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser
Publisher Swedish National Data Service; Svensk nationell datatjänst
Publication Year 1984
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