Youth Survey, 1978


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To investigate young people's attitudes towards social issues, their habits and product usage. The survey was originally commissioned by the Jimmy Young Programme (BBC Radio 2) and was expanded by NOP to encompass other areas not requested by the BBC.

Main Topics:

Attitudinal\Behavioural Questions The survey covers attitudes on drugs, sex and marriage, law and order,education, employment, religion, class. It investigated travel, leisure activities, including sports, concert visits, hobbies and pastimes, ownership of pets and consumer durables. It probed deeply into drinking and smoking habits, as well as the use of cosmetics and hair care. Background Variables Age, sex, class, standard regions, marital status, working status, accommodation.

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Face-to-face interview

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Creator NOP Market Research Limited
Publisher UK Data Service
Publication Year 1978
Funding Reference British Broadcasting Corporation, Jimmy Young Programme
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Discipline Social Sciences
Spatial Coverage Great Britain