180MHz Murchison Commissioning Survey (MWACS)

The Murchison Widefield Array Commissioning Survey (MWACS) is a ~6100deg^2^ 104-196MHz radio sky survey performed with the Murchison Widefield Array during instrument commissioning between 2012 September and 2012 December. The data were taken as meridian drift scans with two different 32-antenna sub-arrays that were available during the commissioning period. The data were combined in the visibility plane before being imaged, and then mosaicked. The survey covers approximately 20.5h<RA<8.5h, -58{deg}<Dec<-14{deg} over three frequency bands centred on 119, 150 and 180MHz. The survey has 3arcmin angular resolution and a typical noise level of 40mJy/beam, with reduced sensitivity near the field boundaries and bright sources. The catalogue consists of flux density and spectral index measurements for 14,110 sources, extracted from the mosaics, 1,247 of which are sub-components of complexes of sources.

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