Structure of Lead Germanate Glasses


We wish to perform a detailed and comprehensive study of the structure of lead germanate glasses, over a wide range in composition. Most structural studies of germanate glasses have focused on alkali germanates, as a consequence of the germanate anomaly, which involves maxima and minima in the thermophysical properties as alkali oxide is added. Recent neutron diffraction work has made it clear that this behaviour is associated with an increase and subsequent decline in the Ge-O coordination number. However, preliminary results on thallium germanate glasses show a more complex behaviour, with two maxima in the coordination number. This behaviour is likely due to a change in the role of the Tl2O from modifier to glass former. We wish to further investigate this phenomenon with a study of the Ge-O and Pb-O coordination for germanates containing the archetypal modifier, PbO.

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Creator Dr Emma Barney; Dr Diane Holland; Dr Alex Hannon; Dr Oliver Alderman
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