Summary of phase compositions of experimental silicate melt, un-normalised analyses


The solubility of Re and Au in haplobasaltic melt has been investigated at 1673–2573 K, 0.1 MPa–2 GPa and IW-1 to +2.5, in both carbon-saturated and carbon-free systems. Results extend the existing, low pressure and temperature, dataset to more accurately predict the results of metal-silicate equilibrium at the base of a terrestrial magma ocean. Solubilities in run-product glasses were measured by laser ablation ICP-MS, which allows for the explicit assessment of contamination by metal inclusions. The Re and Au content of demonstrably contaminant-free glasses increases with temperature, and shows variation with oxygen fugacity (fO2) similar to previous results, although lower valence states for Re (1+, 2+) are suggested by the data. At 2 GPa, and Delta IW of +1.75 to +2, the metal-silicate partition coefficient for Re (DMet/Sil) is defined by the relationLogD[met/sil][Re] = 0.50(±0.022)10*4/T(K)+3.73(±0.095)For metal-silicate equilibrium to endow Earth's mantle with the observed time-integrated chondritic Re/Os, (and hence 187Os/188Os), DMet/Sil for both elements must converge to a common value. Combined with previously measured DMet/Sil for Os, the estimated temperature at which this convergence occurs is 4500 (±900) K. At this temperature, however, the Re and Os content of the equilibrated silicate is ~100-fold too low to explain mantle abundances. In the same experiments, much lower Dmet/sil values have been determined for Au, and require the metal-silicate equilibration temperature to be <3200 K, as hotter conditions result in an excess of Au in the mantle. Thus, the large disparity in partitioning between Re or Os, and Au at core-forming temperatures argues against their mantle concentrations set solely by metal-silicate equilibrium at the base of a terrestrial magma ocean.

Electron microprobe and LA-ICP-MS analyses for glass and alloy phases in experimental run products. Electron microprobe analyses are not normalised in this copy of the table, unlike table 1 of the article; allowing assessment of the data quality.

Supplement to: Bennett, Neil R; Brenan, James M (2013): Controls on the solubility of rhenium in silicate melt: Implications for the osmium isotopic composition of Earth's mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 361, 320-332

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