NEMO surveys : Field observations of hydrodynamics functionning of Moindou lagoon (New Caledonia - South Province)


Moindou lagoon has been instrumented over a period of 8 months (from September 2020 to December 2020 (LEG1) and from December 2020 to April 2021 (LEG2)) in order to characterized its hydrodynamics functioning. This lagoon has been registered on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list in 2008 and it is surrounding by aquaculture activities that may affect and damage its ecosystem. Nineteen sensors have been moored to measure and quantify water circulation and exchanges between land, lagoon and ocean (current, temperature, salinity and pressure). Two cross-shore transects of CTD profiles have also been performed to observe spatial extent and stratification of water bodies. A strong La Niña event occured between december 2020 and may 2021 which engendered prolonged and heavy rainfalls. The second period of deployment (LEG2) is also characterized by several meteorological events such as Lucas tropical depression (3rd February 2021) and Niran cyclone (6th March 2021) which have significantly impacted hydrodynamics. Sampling strategy available on Sextant.- Marine Geographic Information System. More informations on PRESENCE project

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Creator Bruyere, Oriane; Soulard, Benoit; Bourassin, Emmanuel; Le Gendre, Romain
Publisher SEANOE
Publication Year 2021
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Spatial Coverage (165.415W, -21.813S, 165.686E, -21.627N)