Fe and Ti abundances of 12 low-metallicity M stars

We have calculated Fe and Ti abundances in 12 low-metallicity main sequence M stars using high-resolution spectra. These subdwarf and extreme-subdwarf stars allow us to extend our calibration of a method to determine cool-dwarf-star metallicities using molecular band strength indices from low-resolution spectra. Our calibration can now be used to determine metallicity to within +/-0.3dex for stars with [Fe/H] between -1.5 and +0.05 and temperatures between 3500 and 4000K. We also report a method to estimate temperatures for M dwarfs using equivalent width measurements of the infrared CaII triplet and the KI line at 7699{AA}. Our metallicity measurements show that the recently proposed classification system for low-mass stars (dwarfs, subdwarfs, extreme subdwarfs, and ultrasubdwarfs) does represent a metallicity sequence, with the ultrasubdwarfs the most metal-poor stars.

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