Results of the cold-water sponge Halichondria panicea exposure experiment to crude oil and dipsersant contaminated sediments


This study aimed at exposing cold-water inter-tidal sponge Halichondria panicea to crude oil and dispersant contaminated sediments. First water accommodated oil fraction (WAF), chemically enhanced water accommodated oil fraction (CEWAF) and dispersant contaminated seawater were produced and mixed with freshly collected sediments. Concentration of prokariotic organisms were assess by DAPI staining in both the contaminated seawater and sediment samples. H. panicea samples were then be exposed to the different types of contaminated sediments for 48h. Clearance rate and expression changes in sponge samples were determined during the exposure.

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Creator Vad, Johanne; Durán Suja, Laura
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Publication Year 2020
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