Calibrated griz magnitudes of Tycho stars

Photometric calibration at an accuracy of ~5% in an arbitrary celestial location is frequently needed. However, existing all-sky astronomical catalogue do not reach this accuracy, and time consuming photometric calibration procedures are required. I fitted the Hipparcos B_T_, and V_T_ magnitudes, along with the 2MASS J, H, and K magnitudes of Tycho-2 catalog-stars with stellar spectral templates. From the best fit spectral template derived for each star, I calculated its synthetic SDSS griz magnitudes, and constructed an all-sky catalog of griz magnitudes of bright stars (V<12). Testing this method on SDSS photometric telescope observations, I find that the photometric accuracy, for a single star, is usually about 0.12, 0.12, 0.10 and 0.08 mag (1sigma), for the g, r, i, and z-bands, respectively. However, by using ~10 such stars, the typical errors per calibrated field (systematic + statistical) can be reduced to about 0.04, 0.03, 0.02, and 0.02 mag, in the g, r, i, and z-bands, respectively. Therefore, in cases for which several calibration stars can be observed in the field of view of an instrument, it is possible to photometrically calibrate the image.

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