Abundance of microplankton in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in April 2008 during SES_GR2


The dataset is based on samples taken from 12 stations in Northern Aegean Sea, Southern Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and Libyan Sea during August-September 2008. 12 Niskin bottles (8lt) made by PVC with rubber coated o rings and stainless steel ss springs. Seawater samples (150 mL) were collected from selected depths of the water column (2, 20, 50, 75, 100 m) for the identification and enumeration of phytoplankton cells (>= 5 µm). The samples were fixed with Lugol solution and concentrated to 25 mL by sedimentation. Phytoplankton species abundance was determined with an inverted light microscope (OLYMPUS IX70) according to the Utermohl method (Utermohl, 1958).

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Spatial Coverage (17.997W, 34.379S, 26.000E, 40.267N); Eastern Mediterranean Sea
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Temporal Coverage End 2008-09-07T09:10:00Z