Stellar parameters and abundances of 99 giants

We present basic stellar parameters of 99 late-type G giants based on high-resolution spectra obtained by the High Dispersion Spectrograph attached to Subaru Telescope. These stars are targets of a Doppler survey program searching for extra-solar planets among evolved stars, with a metallicity of -0.8<[Fe/H]<+0.2. We also derived their abundances of 15 chemical elements, including four {alpha}-elements (Mg, Si, Ca, Ti), three odd-Z light elements (Al, K, Sc), four iron peak elements (V, Cr, Fe, Ni), and four neutron-capture elements (Y, Ba, La, Eu). Kinematic properties reveal that most of the program stars belong to the thin disk.

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Creator Wang L.; Liu Y.; Zhao G.; Sato B.
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Publication Year 2011
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