ICEFLUX allometric measurements of polar zooplankton and fish


This dataset summarizes allometric measurements on zooplankton and nekton species performed in the framework of the Dutch and German ICEFLUX projects. Measurements were performed on 639 individuals of 15 species from the Southern Ocean and 2374 individuals of 14 species from the Arctic Ocean, including euphausiids, fish, pelagic and ice-associated amphipods, cnidarians, salps, siphonophores, chaetognaths and a copepod. Animals were collected during three expeditions in the Southern Ocean (winter and summer) and three expeditions in the Arctic Ocean (spring and summer). In addition to measurements on length and mass, the sizes of body parts were measured, such as carapaces, eyes, heads, telsons, tails and otoliths.

Total length:Anterior margin of eye to tip of telson (Euphausia superba)Tip of the rostrum to tip of the telson (other euphausiids)Tip of head (following the curved dorsal line) to tip of telson (gammarid amphipods)Front of head (following the curved dorsal line) to tip of telson (hyperiid amphipods)Tip of the snout to the posterior margin of the caudal fin (fish)Tip of the tail excluding the tail fin (chaetognaths)Method/devices for total length and standard length: measuring board or stereo microscope

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Creator Schaafsma, Fokje L; David, Carmen L; Kohlbach, Doreen; Ehrlich, Julia; Castellani, Giulia; Lange, Benjamin Allen; Vortkamp, Martina; Meijboom, Andre; Fortuna-Wünsch, Anna; Immerz, Antonia; Cantzler, Hannelore; Klasmeier, Apasiri; Zakharova, Nadezhda; Schmidt, Katrin; Van de Putte, Anton P; van Franeker, Jan Andries; Flores, Hauke
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2021
Funding Reference Dutch Research Council, ALW 866 13 009; Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, VH NG 800; Natural Environment Research Council, 03V01465; Natural Environment Research Council, NE S002502 1; Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, WOT 04 009 047 04; Norwegian Research Council, 280292; Norwegian Research Council, 280531; The Research Council of Norway, 276730
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Discipline Acoustics; Engineering Sciences; Mechanical and industrial Engineering; Mechanics and Constructive Mechanical Engineering
Spatial Coverage (-40.741W, -77.918S, 130.856E, 87.890N); Arctic Ocean; Weddell Sea; Scotia Sea; South Atlantic Ocean; Lazarev Sea; Barents Sea
Temporal Coverage Begin 2012-08-05T16:40:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2017-07-17T08:42:00Z