Stable isotope data of sediment trap P87-12


The data are stable isotope measurements (13C/12C and 15N/14N) obtained from sediment traps and stable isotope data on plankton and suspended particulate matter in the mixed layer obtained from net tows. Sediment trap data are from Station Papa (50 N, 145 W) time-series (bi-weekly) measurements in samples for the period November 1982 to the present, and from Station L (48'39'N,126'40'W) for the period October 1989 to November 1990. (Data manager's note: The author mentions sediment traps on moorings in the North Atlantic, but there is no data for these sites). Net tow data for the Pacific are from Line P (48 35 N 126 24 W to Station Papa) from cruises by the RV JOHN TULLY in Sept-Oct 1992, Feb 1993 and May 1993. New tow data for the Atlantic are from the North Atlantic transect (44 N 54 W to 32 N 11 W) from cruises by the RV HUDSON in September 1992 and May-June 1993. The data are somewhat unusual, in that they represent very specialized numbers on the isotopic composition of nitrogen and carbon in suspended particulate matter, plankton and sediment trap subsamples.

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Publication Year 2002
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Spatial Coverage (-145.000 LON, 50.000 LAT)
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