Archaeological and archaeothanatological overview of the individuals at Tamula cemetery


This dataset represents the Tamula hunter-gatherer burials included in the article "Buried at home? Stable isotope analysis of the late hunter-gatherer cemetery population at Tamula, SE Estonia" by Tõrv and Eriksson (2023, EJA 27,2; 10.3176/arch.2023.2.02). It gives an archaeological and archaeothanatological background to the burials that are analysed for bulk stable isotope values in this article. The full analysis of the Tamula burials is published in Tõrv 2018. TAn overview of the analysed individuals, grave contexts (Jaanits 1957; Tõrv 2015; 2019), and the information about mortuary practices determined by the application of archaeothanatology (Tõrv 2015; 2018) is given. Young child is 1–5 years, older child 6–11 years old and adolescent 12–17 years old; young adult is 18–25 years old, middle adult 26–45 years old and older adult ˃46 years old (after Buikstra & Ubelaker 1994; Scheuer and Black 2000; Gray Jones 2011).

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